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In-Elderly Care Service At Home is a much-needed service for patients who need assistance in day to day essential chores. Patient home care BD is one of the best elderly Care Service At Home providers in Dhaka.

We strive to deliver efficient home care services for the welfare of the patients in Bangladesh. We provide an Elderly Care Service At Home In Dhaka BD. Our nurses are very skilled. They have been trained before hiring. They always try to provide their best.

Our nurses are 24/7 ready for a given service of clients. Our service 24/7 Opened. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction with maximum service. For that, the Patient home care BD company is the most popular in Bangladesh.

It is hard to accept but seniors need help in managing the daily tasks after a point of time. senior homes might be the option that pops up on your mind when you can no longer take care of them. But what if you get care services for seniors right at home? Patient home care bd was founded to provide elderly care at home in Bangladesh.

The working members of a family do not have enough time to look after the aged people no matter how much they care for them. At the same time, the caretakers might not be professional enough to take care of the health of the seniors.

Age matters but the physical conditions matter more. Patient home care BD has been serving craft care plans that meet individual needs. We deliver fully regulated senior care at home in Dhaka city.

Home Care Services For Elderly

The older one gets, the more comfortable we are at home. Having someone who can take care of the responsibilities swiftly is more than enough.
When you avail yourself of an Elderly home care service in Bangladesh.

The following are the typical services to expect.

  1. Personal care
  2. Household maintenance
  3. Health monitoring
  4. Transformation
  5. Companionship
  6. Bathing
  7. Dressing
  8. Walking
  9. Meal Preparation/Diet Monitoring
  10. Light Housekeeping
  11. Errands
  12. Grocery Shopping
  13. Medication Reminders
  14. Joyful Companionship
  15. Respite Care for Family Caregivers
  16. Care is Available Mornings, Mid-Day and Evenings
  17. Temporary or Long-Term Care is Available
  18. Weekends and Holiday Care is Available
  19. 24-Hour Care Available

Importance Of Elderly Care Service

Elderly Care in bangladesh Service at home can save you from tons of worry. Knowing that your elderly parents or relatives are in the hands of professionals and staying at home is a major relief. Well, it can not replace your time and care but we can promise to care for them at our best.

Maintaining a proper diet for elderly people is the most important factor. Aged ones tend to have problems related to taste and digestion. We not only monitor health but also regulate a healthy lifestyle with healthy meals for seniors.

Our senior home care includes all essential aspects like doctor visits, Physiotherapy, physical activities, and other supports.
It is very important to leave a reliable companion who will take care of the seniors when you can not give them full attention.

When is Elderly Care Service At Home Needed?

Elderly care services may be useful for a short time in some cases. However, an elderly who is fragile and has a chronic disease will need assistance. At that stage, they will have difficulty in performing the simplest tasks.

Some older people tend to suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Hence they need a specialized attendant.

Home care for seniors is ideal when. The concept of nursing homes and retirement communities doesn’t just appeal to you. There is no one to look after the elders at home

Senior Home Health Care Plan

Our senior care packages offer flexibility and independence. Our packages are customized and designed in a way that caters to all the individual needs. You will also get discounts on medical and equipment purchases. Choose any of the packages below considering your needs

  1. Basic care needs
  2. Low care needs
  3. Intermediate care needs
  4. Intensive care needs

It is crucial to let us know your specific needs prior. If you have any queries, we are open to discussion. We hope to cover your specifications and design you a package that meets all the criteria.

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