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In-Physiotherapy Support At Home is a much-needed service for patients who need assistance in day to day essential chores. Patient home care BD is one of the best elderly Care Service At Home providers in Dhaka.

We strive to deliver efficient home care services for the welfare of the patients in Bangladesh. We provide a Physiotherapy Support At Home In Dhaka BD.

Our nurses are very skilled. They have been trained before hiring. They always try to provide their best. Our nurses are 24/7 ready for a given service of clients.

Our service 24/7 Opened. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction with maximum service. For that, the Patient home care BD company is the most popular in Bangladesh.

Patient Home care BD has a team of Physiotherapy specialists. Our goal is to relieve physical pain and restore mobility. We format a holistic plan to recover from all kinds of injury and illness.

What is Physiotherapy Support At Home Dhaka?

Physiotherapy means physical therapy. It is the treatment of injury or disability. It involves exercise, massage, drugs, etc. Severe injuries can affect the normal functioning of daily life.

Physiotherapists work for prevention as well as rehabilitation. Receiving physiotherapy treatment will not only reduce the pain but also increase flexibility.

Some of their therapy includes but not limited to

  1. Loss of mobility due to stroke, trauma.
  2. Disability-related to heart disease.
  3. Childbirth and pregnancy-related problems. For example bladder, pelvic, and other women’s health issues.
  4. bones, joints, muscle problems due to arthritis and amputation.
  5. swelling, stiffness, neck, and back pain.
  6. Palliative care and cancer treatment.

Physiotherapy Support At Home Process

Each treatment is unique. Our physiotherapists will form a set of therapy plans. We are distinctive at maximizing the patient’s strength.

This is how we process with our work

  1. Our specialists will first learn about your illness and medical history.
  2. Then they will assess and test your condition and copes.
  3. They will format a treatment plan that will suit them best.
  4. You will receive the expected treatment and medications.

Who needs home-based Physiotherapy

The physical treatment works efficiently in reducing pain and strengthening physical functioning.
Professional physiotherapists work in public hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, homes, etc. They work with a different range of physical conditions.

A modern lifestyle can lead to joint, knee, and posture problems. But if it does not diminish over time, it can hamper your daily life. We would recommend you to visit us.

Usually, elderly people or patients with severe injury receive home physiotherapy support. you can still choose to have physiotherapy support at home for prevention.

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy treatment

There is a growing need for in-home physiotherapy in Dhaka at present. At Patient Home Care BD, we provide exceptional in-home Physiotherapy.

Our aim is to deliver a stress-free therapy session at your convenient ambiance.
At home, physiotherapy support has proved to be effective. From kids to adults, it applies to everyone. As opposed to traditional hospital settings, it eliminates traveling to hospitals.

Here are a few benefits you can gain from our home physiotherapy support

Highly Personalized

Patient care BD tailor In-home treatments in a way that it promotes faster recovery. The physiotherapist can recommend certain lifestyle changes. When he/she visits you she will give 100% attention to you.

Time savings

The physiotherapist reaches your home and starts the session. It will last for as long you booked it for. You will save time on commuting, waiting at the reception. Instead, you can directly head back to other tasks.

Comfort At Home

Not everyone likes clinics and hospitals. Commuting to the hospital is also hectic and time-consuming. In the meantime, you can enjoy the comfort of being at home. You can devote the entire time only on healing.

More Effective

Home therapies are more intensive and one to one sessions. The familiar surrounding can help in fast healing. personalized treatment plans make it more effective.

It is safer

Home-based physiotherapy is the ideal option to prevent the risk of infection. At home, you are away from the inflectional risks of the clinic

Why Work With Us

Patient care BD provides Physiotherapy Support At Home in Bangladesh for all conditions. Some of our common patients suffer from heart failure, stroke, and physical deformity. Home physiotherapy ensures continuity of post-hospital discharge care. It improves overall health condition. It decreases the chance of hospitalization.

Physiotherapy Support At Home is a cost-effective choice in the long term. We have managed to maintain customer satisfaction with our home physiotherapy in Dhaka

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